No traffic, short commutes

Topeka is notorious for short commute times. Generally you can drive from any point in the city to another location in 15 minutes or less. Rush hour traffic is minimal and backups are rare.

The city owes its short drive times to the stretch of Interstate 70 that runs East-West through town and adjoins I-470 to create a loop that offers easy access to most points in the city. 

Public transportation

Topeka is served by the Topeka Metro, a full service transit organization running 12 fixed routes and two daily special routes in the city limits.

Topeka Metro also provides paratransit services for individuals with disabilities.


Pedestrian and Cycle Friendly

Topeka is well-connected with trails that make biking and walking easy. Shunga Trail offers easy access to many major parts of the city. The city prioritizes connectivity and looks to add new trail systems when possible. Every new or rebuilt street is required to include sidewalks in its engineering plans as part of the Complete Streets project. This means new sidewalks are popping up all over.