Topeka True


Topeka is one of the most authentic places you’ll ever find. People here are genuine. Friendly. Real.

You’ll also find they don’t brag about themselves. Humility is great and all, but not helpful for discussions of quality of life.

So we’ve matched up important bragging points about the quality of life in Topeka with the way people really talk. And it’s all true. It wouldn’t be Topeka if it weren’t.

Topeka is accredited as a BETTER CITY FOR PETS

Yeah, we have a dog park. Tons of green space. Big-name pet food brands launched here. Pets are a big deal to us. Not to be weird but we’d like to meet your pet.

Topeka has over 30 miles of paved paths and 27 miles of trails.

You’ll wheelie like it here.

And quickly realize the rumors that Kansas is flat are not true.


Topeka applies significant public dollars to renovating civil infrastructure.

New water mains don’t seem exciting until you can’t flush your toilet. You’ll be seeing orange. Barrels. Construction cones. Detour arrows. It means new streets, sidewalks, and water mains are on the way.

Downtown Topeka is the setting for an extensive variety of major festivals, events, and public performances.

This is where it all goes down…town.

More than 3,000 units of foot traffic tour the NOTO Art District every month.

First Friday is a partay!
Tons of people come for a blast supporting local art. It’s always a party because we like artists. You’ll like the art here too. You can even contribute your own.

The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library is recognized for excellence on national platforms.

Our library is the shhhhhh. Book down there and check it out.

Topeka supports diverse classifications of trades with six technical schools.

We have hands and we’re not afraid to use them. Give us something to do. We’ll get it done. Handy and hard-working is who we are.


Topeka is strategically located in a 60-mile confluence of four major universities. Washburn University, Kansas State University, University of Kansas, and Emporia State University.

Beware soaring mortarboards.
Topeka is full of people who know more than readin’, riting, and rithmaticing. We’ve got the flat hats to prove it.

Topeka is home to nationally recognized coffee roasting.

We're caffeinated and motivated.

The annual median household income in Shawnee County is $54,667.


Your friends will fill their instagram accounts while you fill your bank account.

The median cost for a house is $128,000.

In the list of adulting must-do’s, a new home can be last but not leased.
You can afford to do more than pay for a roof. There’s plenty of places to overpay for housing. Topeka is not one of them.

Topeka’s cost of living index is 91.7, more than 10% below the national average for cities.

You can afford more beer.
You can afford more of life in general. (But what is life without beer?)

Topeka and Shawnee County have more than 100,000 jobs, which makes up 38% of the jobs in NE Kansas.

We’re all worked up.

You can find well-paying work and work your own way up. There are opportunities for everyone with more all the time.

The Finance and Insurance Sector grew 12 percent since 2010. Educational Services and Healthcare have added more than 300 FTEs.

You could say we know health and wealth. Thanks for saying that. Glad you noticed.

Topeka domiciles five breweries and three wineries for fermenting broad varieties of cereal grain and fruit-based adult beverages.


Isn’t that where they teach karate? Anyway, our local brewers kick glass.


Topeka is the U.S. Midwest location of start-up incubator Plug + Play, providing investment and resources for entrepreneurs in the animal health industry.

One time we renamed ourselves Google, Kansas as a joke. Now the incubator program that helped launch Google is located here, no joke.