FAQs for Choose Topeka Initiative

It is an employer matching funds incentive program, you need to have an employer that will submit you as a candidate for consideration to the pilot. Employers do not commit all positions that they have posted on their sites to participate, since this is a recruitment tool that employers may use for specific or hard to fill positions, and it is a pilot with up to 60 application spots.  Please check with your employer to see if your position is one that they would submit for consideration.

Currently 40% of people who work in Topeka do not live in Shawnee County. We need to compete to get those employees back inside our community to support our tax base, our schools, and to allow the city to have more resources to improve quality of life for our citizens.

Shawnee County’s population has been remarkably stable for ten years. We weathered the recession in 2008 with limited impact. The population has stayed around 178,000 people since 2 009.

There are over 100,000 jobs in Shawnee County. 38% of all jobs in Northeast Kansas are here!

We are offering this program because we feel so confident in our community, and are proud of what we have accomplished as a city. We believe that if a person lives in Topeka for a year, they will fall in love with this region and choose to build their life here.

This is NOT a handout. This IS an employer-led program. It IS a tool designed to help HR professionals attract and recruit talent. If people work in Topeka but live outside the county, area employers are looking to invest their own dollars to encourage them to stop commuting. GO Topeka then matches their investment. This helps employers make Topeka employers more competitive in attracting out-of-state hires. The initiative is also generating interest from employers looking to relocate offices to Topeka.

Some people are hearing from local Topekans who are frustrated that there are not funds available to them. This touches on broader issues of economic equity that is a much larger question. As an organization we are looking at those challenges as well.

We absolutely understand the concern from those who have already chosen to make their life in Topeka. GO Topeka and the Greater Topeka Partnership are actively engaged with community leaders on programs that will enhance and improve opportunities for all in Shawnee County.

This program is employer led and part employer funded initiative. It was designed to meet a real need businesses have in our community to compete for talent. GO Topeka believes in the value of matching their investment in order to give employers a more powerful tool to attract top talent. Currently 40% of people who work in Topeka do not live in our county. We need to compete to get those employees back inside our community to support our tax base, our schools, and to allow the city to have more resources to improve our quality of life.

Please remember this is just a small test program to understand interest and impact. We will evaluate it’s future after we review the results. 

This a relocation incentive program partnering with local employers.  There is not an immigration component to it. Candidates do need to be eligible to work in the U.S.  For immigration information, the Immigration Advocates Network provides the following list of providers in Kansas who do assist with immigration issues https://www.immigrationadvocates.org/nonprofit/legaldirectory/search?state=KS

The remote worker option, also with a limited number of applications spots, was announced in September 2020, and is for applicants not currently residing in Topeka to relocate with a full time remote work eligible position with their employer outside of Shawnee County. For the remote worker submissions through the website, reviews will begin in early October and we will be in contact with applicants selected for a virtual interview.  After the interview, all applicants will be notified if they were accepted as a candidate into the program or not. To confirm your initial application is received, you will receive an email reply acknowledging receipt of your submission.

In regard to self employment, we review each application along with verified supporting documentation. After your application submission on the site, you will receive a communication regarding those documents requested, and you may submit the same to provide verification of your self employment for consideration and review by our committee. If accepted to next steps, we will be in touch for next steps in the process.

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